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Ideas for decorating a children’s clothing store

Here is an example , a furniture created for a children’s clothing store in Cadore . This shop is also a good story because it wanted to create an alternative for the locals, forced to travel many kilometers before finding something similar. A strong challenge to open in a mountain area where it is true, there are tourist flows, but limited during the year and no longer as abundant as in the past.

That the shelves are essential, that there is a writing and a drawing (the ogo of the activity), but there are no trinkets, teddy bears or dolls. It could be a shop for adults or for kids at the most.

Among other things, using dark or neutral colors serves to accentuate those of the clothing, giving them more prominence . The use of colors is never casual , it is a game intended and designed to arouse emotions .

Sometimes you need very little and if you think about it, sobriety will allow you not to saturate the space with colors, lights and goods. How nice it is to enter a clean, tidy shop where there is a balance of shapes and volumes! An environment of this type helps to relax , to avoid the overstimulation that we already experience every day, to put ourselves at ease and let ourselves be guided by good advice.

You may also have few resources , little time or ideas. Following the cue of sobriety, you just need to study your space and give the right attention to what you need, to emphasize the clothes, as in the case of the shop above, furnished in a simple but functional way .

Sometimes we look for complicated and difficult solutions , we think that to amaze you need to fill things and details. The needs of customers, of people like you, seem instead to suggest to us that the future is all about simplicity, greater harmony, essentiality.

The furniture for a children’s clothing store, beyond the baby

Children’s clothing stores serve adults much more. If you think about it, it is they, parents, uncles or friends who buy clothes for the children, so it is they who must be stimulated in the appropriate way to buy what you offer. Until a few years ago these environments were more suitable for children, now they respond to the needs expressed by real customers, adults. So to give you some advice for furnishing a children’s clothing store, we will follow this little adult’s idea.

If we think of a children’s shop, colorful and playful atmospheres come to mind, a small playground that evokes the world of childhood. Childhood is certainly made of bright colors, toys and a happy confusion but if you think about it, who is your client?

The child is the recipient of that t-shirt with a little dragon or a unicorn but to buy are adults, parents, relatives or friends who must feel comfortable in your shop space. The merchandise remains colorful, playful, vibrant but the frame has changed in recent years, because it speaks to those who are making a purchase for children.

The sobriety has thus become the true line guide. Clean design, essential furnishings, few colors and few images dedicated to children. We know that that world is a strong attraction for us adults, because it reminds us of the creative flair, the simplicity that is filled with magic and enchantment, the enthusiasm and the discovery. But now it is no longer necessary to create the children’s bedroom effect, we must aim to enhance clothing in a more sober way.